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M is a young gentleman in his early 30s. His job is quite interesting: he’s a pilot. He was the second pilot on an airplane. He travelled a lot (obviously) and had quite erratic work hours.

He did not like the guy he looking back at him in the mirror. He had about 20kgs of bodyfat he wanted to get rid of. He was not too comfortable in sports or in the gym – not quite sure what he should do there.

That was the time when I met him

He heard about a strength-focused training and came across my advertisement online. He lived quite a way away from the place I was training at but he decided to come down to see me anyway as what he read about me resonated with him quite well.

We had a chat and he started training with me. He lived quite far away and he worked random hours. So we did 1 one-on-one session a month. He was a very dedicated guy. Read every article I sent him. Followed every training program I prescribed him. In his emails he wrote down everything he did and asked me many questions. He internalised the basic training principles that are so-so far from what the mainstream fitness industry boradcasts on every channel day by day.

Progress at the beginning was slow. Having done zero exercise before and working seated for long hours meant he needed to re-learn basic movement patterns. Hinge, squat, full body tension, fast change between tension and relaxation. It was all new. But he was amazing. He was patient. Took his time to learn the details. He was disciplined. We emailed at least twice a week discussing progress, feedback, next steps.

A couple of months down the line, basic movement patterns came back to him. He did not focus on ‘cardio’ or ‘weight loss training’ (whatever that might be). He focused on strength and technique. Focused on progressions. He got stronger. His 1-rep-maxes increased a lot. And… he lost the excess bodyfat!

And another thing happended that he did not expect…

Having better control over his movements and losing the excess made him more confident. In every aspect of life. So he did what he didn’t even dare to think about a couple of months before. He went for a promotion at his job. And… he got it! He became the captain of the airship – and he thanked this to his training.

It has been a couple of years ago. We both moved qute far from each other – but he learned the basic principles and techniques so much that now he is safe to train anyehere – and he does so regularly still. He got incredibly strong, does Tough Mudder challenges for fun and is a happy and confident man.

And a good friend.

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