Want to lose weight? Do weights! Want to lose fat? Eat fats!

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Obviously things are not as simple as above. What I want to point out is that you are not getting any closer to your desired weight loss by doing endless hours on the crosstrainer machine or stationery bike day in day out.
Writing this email came to me after I got a request from a gentleman who does lots of cardio to help him lose body fat. He very smartly recognised the 2 things standing in his way:
not doing any weight training
eating too much carbs
And this is exactly it! This is what stands in most people’s way of losing weight.
I see many people going on and on the cardio machines with the obvious intent of losing weight – with not much success.
For the same reason they go on low-fat diets – again with little success. Sometimes it even backfires!
Why is this happening?
The amount of fat your body stores is not just down to calories in versus calories out. Hormones play a major role in it too.
And guess what you eat when you don’t eat fat?
Pure protein? Your kidneys would escape your body straight away! Plus even chicken breast isn’t 100% protein!
It’s not fibre either – unless you decide to graze grass or chew on tree-bark.
It’s carbohydrates!
And to make low fat food not to taste like cardboard, clever companies add simple carbs – sugars – to their foods.
Now your body reacts the sugar the following way: it produces insulin. Insulin is not the devil. In fact it’s essential: it is the ONLY hormone in the body that makes blood sugar levels lower.
(That is its task. To avoid diabetic coma. So insulin does save your life.)
And the way to get rid of your blood sugar is: either burn it or store it. You can’t burn it all. So insulin makes your cells store it.
Your body does not store energy in the form of sugar though. Unfortunately you are not a plant. (How great it would be though – just imagine: if you eat too much you would just produce fruits!)
Yes, you do store excess energy in the form of fat.
You got the equation.
You eat loads of sugar = your body produces loads of insulin.
There’s another tiny problem with excess insulin. It’s like excess of anything – the more you have of it the less sensitive you are to it. You become insulin resistant. Which means although your pancreas produces insulin, your cells do not react to it. They ignore it. Their insulin receptors get tired. And as I mentioned before – insulin is supposed to save your life, provided that it works of course.
So why eat fats to lose fat?
Ok, the title is a bit ‘attention seeking’ – eating a block of butter a day will not make you lose weight.
You need fats as building blocks for your hormones and your brain. No fat = total hormonal chaos, tiredness, depression and a slow brain!
Fats are also good energy sources. You do need energy to live.
If you don’t eat fats you’ll overeat of carbs. I’m sure you’ll live on more than just boiled chicken breast.
So now I wrote a lot about my favourite topic (food), let’s get to my other favourite: lifting weights!
How does lifting heavy make you slim?
Won’t you get ‘bulky’?
I honestly hope that ‘lifting heavy will make you bulky’ misconception has been eradicated from this Earth – but I’d be very naive. It’s embedded in every poor woman’s mind thanks to all the lovely magazines and TV-trainers from the 80s.
So let me re-iterate this one again.
But how do they help fat burn?
Test this: grab a 36kg (ladies 28kg) kettlebell. Do 10 slow squats. Rest 30 seconds. Do 10 more. Repeat this at a total of 5 times.
Check your heart rate.
Wait 10 minutes.
Check your heart rate again.
Still elevated?
I’m sure – at least if you are an elite athlete – that it is.
What does this little experiment prove?
Elevated heart rate means your cells need more oxygen.
As they are burning energy!
You lift something super-heavy once: the metabolic effect can go on for hours!
Which means you are burning fat HOURS after that one single heavy lift. So THIS is how it works.
Plus: you do grow muscles (not huge bodybuilder muscles but muscles essential to live). Muscles burn energy just by existing. They elevate your BMR (basal metabolic rate): the energy you burn just by existing.
Hey, you get to eat more without getting fat if you have more muscle! How cool is that!
So getting back to the beginning of time (or this article which seem the same by now): the gentleman who contacted me hit the nail right on the head!
You need to manage your carb intake and you need to do weight training to maintain a healthy, lean and strong body.
Try it and tell me how it worked!
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