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Something BIG is coming your way. Let’s just call it StrengthLab’s Secret Weapon. A weapon to tackle issues with health, well-being, body shape, mindset – life! Intrigued? Read on…

So, y’all heard about the ‘80% nutrition, 20% exercise’ rule? Well, gotta give all a slap in the face – IT’S TRUE! (80/20, 70/30 – whatever number are – if you want to change your body shape / composition, NUTRITION plays a MAJOR role).

So we got a POWERFUL WEAPON to tackle nutrition / food issues for you! Powered by the one and only Precision Nutrition tonight we are launching StrengthLab’s ***ONLINE NUTRITION COACH***!

NOT a diet plan, NOT a ‘6-week quickstart’, NOT a ‘buy-my-supplement-and-don’t eat’ BS. We are out there to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Packed with ALL you need for a HEALTHY life, great body shape, top energy levels & boosted confidence.

A plan personalized for YOU AND YOU ONLY!
Getting you into HEALTHY HABITS you can follow no matter how busy you are! (All tailored to your lifestyle!)
Recipes you’ll LOVE!
SHOPPING LISTS to save you time, money and HPs (Health Points – this one is for the gamers)
Life hacks to keep healthy even if you’re always on the go!
In-depth KNOWLEDGE so you don’t only know WHAT to do but WHY you do it!
DAILY contact so you keep on top of things! Not your ‘let’s look through your food diary once a week’ struggle.
EASY to follow system and only POSITIVE reinforcements! Forget beating yourself up for a cake!

Be quick: we are selling out first 20 places for ONLY… Wait for it…. £10/month!!!!! Have we gone crazy?! Maybe… But take advantage of it!

After the first 20 places are gone it goes up to a proper price – still a treat at £29/month for those who sign up early.

The full price is £49/month – and even that will worth every penny, you’ll see!

We love those who make their minds up quickly and want to reward you guys!

Stick into it now and get your food-stuffs sorted before the holiday season! (And yes, you are allowed cake, wine and turkey for Christmas!)

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