Work. Family. Personal life.
You want to give 100% for all.
You need strength, confidence, energy to keep this up for the next 20-30 years. (Looking better in the mirror is a plus.) 
We are here to help.

The goal is better life quality.
Weight loss is a side effect.

What is it exactly?

Small Group Personal Training 
2x - 5x / week 

* Your individual program - designed for your goals and needs
* Personal training-level attention

* Private studio
* Flexible times (6AM-10PM weekdays, 8AM-12PM weekends)
* Out-of-training help (lifestyle and nutrition tips, recipes)
* Share the fun, the motivation (and the cost) with 1-2 others
* Peer support
* Technical expertise - all the little details for the strongest and safest training
* Lead by and expert trainer who helped many men like you get in shape

You'll also get..
* Nutritional Support - Daily coaching!
* Movement pattern assessment & correction
* Injury prevention
* Access to StrengthLab's Inner Circle Support Group

Your investment
* 2-5 hours training in the studio weekly
* £20 - £65 / week


3 weeks into training

It is early days, but I have become much more confident to perform the key kettlebell movements/lifts.  I think I have already started to notice some strength gains and more awareness of particular muscles.  For example, since I started training with you and David I am sure my arms and shoulders have become stronger and I notice when I have worked them.


5 weeks into training

I've been working with David at Strength Lab for 31 days, using a mix of conditioning, strength building and KAATSU training. So far, by cleaning up my diet and attending the StrengthLab 3 times a week, I've lost a couple of inches off my waist, I'm sleeping better, I've gained definition in my arms and legs and most importantly, I've lowered my fasting (morning) blood glucose readings by almost 3 points (a couple more points and technically, I will not be classed as diabetic). 


6 weeks into training

This morning I measured my weight and body fat percentage. I dropped six pounds and my body fat decreased from 26% to 23%, while my lean muscle mass increased. Now I can do 3 times as many press ups than on the first day & not even breaking a sweat. I've always ever been a size 34 - and now I'm down to size 32. My waist circumference dropped 5cm in only 5 weeks.

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Week 1&2

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How are you finding it? On track? Need course correction? A short chat after your second week.

Be 'That Guy'!

You know, the one who trains regularly; the one who is fit, healthy and energetic; the one who feels confident and strong. Change your life!

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