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About The Project

Training to Feel and Be AWESOME with StrengthLab means following an exercise and nutrition program, designed especially for ladies who are willing to invest time and effort into achieving a healthy, strong, energetic, firm and toned body they can be proud of!



Our ‘why’

Women who work, who raise children, who run a business, who run a household, who care for others are strong, beautiful and awesome creatures! We are driven to achieve more – always. My mission is to help you with it – through strength, endurance and confidence. You can be and do so much – especially if your body supports you with it!

I believe this is what women’s fitness should be about – to create strong & confident women who can tackle life’s challenges any time. Yet all the fitness industry is trying to sell us is weight loss?! Let me tell you a secret: weight loss is a side effect. The real goal is a better You on every level!

This is why we at StrengthLab created the Feel & Be Awesome Project – to empower women to achieve more and life life to its fullest!

What it is

  • Semi-Private Training: 2 or 3 people training with the lead of an expert trainer
  • Friendly & supportive coaches: we’ve been nominated the most supportive trainers they have ever worked with by all of our trainees!
  • Exclusive training studio: dedicated to you – no crowd / no waiting for equipment / no uncomfortable stares
  • Personalized program : customized for your individual goals and needs
  • Personal-training-level attention for the best results
  • Community support : train together with like-minded women, make friends
  • Daily nutritional support : life-long changes with easy habit-based steps
  • Simple tools & in-depth knowledge: no smoke and mirrors here, we only use the most efficient methods where the secret is not in complex machines but robust principles and tested & proven programs

The results

  • Bursting energy to tackle whatever life may throw at you
  • Improved health – more mobility, less pain, more resilience
  • Strength in body and mind
  • Beautiful posture – for a show-stopper entry
  • Firm, toned arms, legs, abs
  • Shining confidence

The practical details

  • Train 2, 3, 5, even 7 times a week
  • Various time slots available throughout the week to suit your schedule
  • StrengthLab is located at Unit 2 Channons Hill Retail Park, BS16 2EA
  • Daily nutritional support provided via online coaching
  • Your investment: £20-£65 weekly

Our trainees say

  • “My friends keep asking me these days what do I do as I look so much fitter”
  • “I ended up with a stronger core, legs, bum and arms.”
  • “I really enjoy how friendly these sessions are and I can notice the difference on
  • myself.”
  • “I am very happy with my latest holiday pictures- I look so much better on them!” 

Are you ready to be stronger, fitter, more energetic & more confident ?

Are you ready to make real changes in your life?

Interested in the Feel & Be Awesome Project?
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