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 What is semi-private training?

Ever thought how great it would be to have a personal trainer, but then balked at the cost? If this is the case, then semi-private training offers the solution, offering that same unique tailoring to your personal needs and goals but at a fraction of the cost.

At StrengthLab, we specialise in making sure that individual goals are met and catered for. With Semi-private training, you’ll work in a supportive group environment with no more than three other people at a time. This not only drives the cost down, but ensures that you stay motivated! Training with other people is a great way of ensuring that you are held accountable for your workout in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

How we do it

During your initial consultation, we will assess your goals and individual requirements on a 1:1 basis. Perhaps your goal is to get stronger so that you can run around with your children without feeling out of breath, or maybe it’s as simple as wanting to learn how to move better to avoid pain and discomfort. Either way, we will develop a plan to suit your needs, based on the time you have to spare, with a recommended attendance of two to three sessions a week for optimum results.

The next step is to come along to your first semi-private training session where you will train with 1 or 2 others. You’ll support one another in your progress and we will be able to translate this into measurable goals that will show you just how much you’ve improved, be that squats, mastering a push-up or even being able to swing a kettlebell. Whatever we do, we can guarantee you that it’ll be fun!

As you progress, so will your goals, and we will support you every step of the way. As a case study example, Simon, 58, came to semi-private training three months ago. His initial goal was to lose weight and be stronger. Now, Simon has signed up to a StrongFirst Kettlebell certification later this year, something he never imagined he’d be doing!

Promoting a positive approach

Our unique style at StrenghtLab is about having a positive attitude to your body. We don’t believe in body shaming, so we will never tell you to do that one more set to burn off that doughnut you ate earlier, we promise! After all, in the wise words of David ‘Iron Tamer’ Whitley, Master StrongFirst Instructor from the US: ‘you cannot out-swing a doughnut’.

“I was astounded at how much better I felt after training with David. Before, I’d look in the mirror and only see the bad things, my belly sticking out or than extra inch or two of fat around my thighs. David taught me to think of the things I like about myself, as well as what to eat and how to train so that I could look in the mirror and feel proud rather than ashamed.”  – Anona, semi-private training client

Next steps

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